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Can Evangelical Schools Still Be Evangelical?

Dear Friends & Supporters of Bible Seminary Bonn, “Can Evangelical Schools Still Be Evangelical?”  This headline of an online article caught my attention immediately on social media.  While I was reflecting on how to share with you how privileged we are to have the extraordinary opportunity to actually build a Bible-believing and mission-minded seminary in the heart of Europe and Germany. 

I strongly believe that with God´s help, it will be possible for us to stay true to God´s word and to do what HE wants us to do!  On one hand, we definitely experience pressure against us, but on the other hand, we also experience the mighty hand of God in the training of young and effective preachers, church planters, missionaries, and lay-workers.  We are amazed at how eagerly our students are studying the Bible and how committed they are to staying true to the calling on their lives as future preachers, missionaries, church planters, missionaries, and evangelists.

As leaders of Bibelseminar Bonn, it is our sincere prayer that God will allow us to train even greater numbers of future kingdom-workers through their study of God´s word at Bible Seminary Bonn!  We strongly believe that through your prayers and your support you make a strategic investment in our mission endeavor in the heart of Europe and in the land of the Reformation. We want to thank you and your churches for your steps of faith!!

I would like to invite you to pray and think about a Financial gift to the ministry of Bible Seminary Bonn, so that together with you, we can further the growth of Bible-believing churches and ministries in a land that is desperately in need of the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Sincerely, Dr. Heinrich Derksen 

Dr. Heinrich Derksen

Gerhard Schmidt
College Program, Dean

Dr. Friedhelm Jung
M.A. Program, Dean

We Develop Servant Leaders!

Bibelseminar Bonn is an evangelical seminary that is dedicated to the development of servant leaders who are spiritually, biblically, and theologically prepared to engage contemporary culture for the sake of Christ´s kingdom. Bibelseminar Bonn enrolls more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students (150 studying full-time) and prepares them for the ministry as pastors, teachers, missionaries (in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa), children´s ministry leaders, counselors, etc.

Our Histroy

The Seminary was founded in 1993 by German immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The history of the German settlers in Eastern Europe and Asia includes stories of great toil, imprisonment for the gospel, and the deep sense that the Christian faith must be experienced at the personal level in order to be real. An authentic walk with God, despite persecution, has become the core of their spirituality. These immigrants have also come to see that their only home is in heaven and that the world (whatever country) is their mission field.


Support „your“ Bible Seminary

 or by sending a check to Bibelseminar Bonn & mail it to this address: Bibelseminar Bonn Ehrental 2-4 53332 Bornheim, Germany

Dr. Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“There are few places on earth where a student can receive top level academic training that is tied to the churches and to world mission endeavor. One of those is located in the heart of Europe, Bibelseminar Bonn in Germany. An international faculty of significant achievement walks with students in personal ministry as well as classroom lecture to prepare a generation of students to change the world for Christ. This rapidly growing institution will change the face of Europe.”

Our Mission

The mission of Bibelseminar Bonn is to train young men and woman for the local church to become faithful ministers of the gospel on the basis of God´s Word in a changing world. We provide our students with the tools they need for a lifetime of learning and ministry. Bibelseminar Bonn strives to combine an excellent, academic education with an emphasis on the personal spirituality and Christian walk of the students.

Our Professors

All of our full-time professors serve in practical ministry. They teach and preach on the mission field; they lead churches in pastoral roles. They not only practice what they preach, but in their teaching they also draw from their ministry experiences. We thank God for the fruitful partnership with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and for all our international guest professors.

Among our international professors:

Dr. Paige Patterson (SWBTS), Dr. Craig Blaising (SWBTS), Dr. Darrell Bock (DTS), Dr. David Allen (SWBTS), Dr. Malcolm Yarnell (SWBTS), Dr. Cleon Rogers (FTH), Dr. Mike Lawson (DTS), Dr. Bill Wagner (GGBTS), Dr. Siegfried Schatzmann (SWBTS), Dr. Gerardo Alfonso (SWBTS), Dr. Kevin Kennedy (SWBTS), Dr. Dorothy Patterson (SWBTS), Dr. John Taylor (SWBTS), Dr. Mark Taylor (SWBTS), Dr. Jim Anderson (BSB), Dr. Roger Peugh (Grace), Dr. Mark Yelderman (BSB), and Dr. Mark Wagner (IMB).

Dr. Frank Page, President of the Executive Committee of the SBC

”May I commend to you the ministry of Bibelseminar Bonn. I have total confidence in the school, its faculty and administration to train men and women in true gospel ministry. Uniquely positioned to touch Europe and beyond for Christ, they hold true to God‘s Word yet train in relevant ways in a 21st-century context.“

Our Theological Commitments

Bibelseminar Bonn has adopted the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance (Germany) as well as that of the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy. Our faculty believes in the Bible as the true Word of God: “We believe that as we examine the Scriptures, they examine us”. The Bible is the Living Word of God on which we build our lives and through which the Holy Spirit can guide us to spread the Good News and become more like Jesus Christ.

Our Programs

  • One-year certificate degree program to train lay-ministers
  • Three-year Christian Education program for children´s ministry and youth ministry
  • Three-year program for full-time ministry as a pastor, church planter, missionary, etc.
  • Two year Master of Arts in Theology program with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas for leadership roles in churches, mission agencies, and schools or for further Ph.D. studies.

Our Graduates

Our graduates plant churches locally and abroad, start mission projects, and serve as pastors, teachers, worship leaders, youth leaders and lay leaders. Many seek to reach the 2.5 million Russian-German immigrants in Germany. Others serve in the mission field in the former Soviet Union. With over 450 graduates, thousands have been nurtured in their faith through the ministries of our students.

Come and See How You Can Be Involved

In Europe, we have to think of the political and moral disorientation that comes from selfish and dishonest leadership. At Bibelseminar Bonn, it is our vision to train and strengthen the next generation of Christian leaders, teachers, and missionaries in Germany and throughout Europe. We want to invite you to join us in our mission: We want to see graduates of Bibelseminar Bonn preaching the Word of God unselfishly and providing spiritual orientation on the basis of God´s Word throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Dr. Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Bibelseminar Bonn is a strategic school in a crucial part of the world. Its students are as dedicated as any I have seen. The faculty is committed to giving them first rate training in a spiritual environment. It is well worth supporting.“


Investing in the next generation of pastors, church planters and missionaries has always been a burden for many faithful Christians worldwide. This kingdom investment is considered by many to be, in a sense, a passing of the “spiritual torch.” Bibelseminar Bonn has the privilege of taking part in this important task of preparing future church and mission leaders to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. O.S. Hawkins, President & CEO of GuideStone Financial Rescources

“I wish everyone interested in church planting and missions could see first hand what God is doing at Bibelseminar Bonn under the leadership of my friend, Heinrich Derksen. The campus is beautiful, they are as straight as an arrow theologically and they are preparing the next generation of Europeans to keep the torch of evangelism and missions burning brightly in a spiritually dark place. If you „come and see“ I have no doubt you will „go and tell.“

Through prayer and financial support, you can also become a part of the ministry at Bibelseminar Bonn. Both your prayers and your monetary donations are essential for the students, professors, and faculty of the seminary. It is through your partnership that we are enabled to prepare future kingdom workers in Germany.

Donations to Bibelseminar Bonn can be made through:

  1. Donate with PayPal  
  2. Sending a check to Bibelseminar Bonn. All checks should be made out to Bibelseminar Bonn & mailed to this address: Bibelseminar Bonn Ehrental 2-4 53332 Bornheim, Germany

If you have any further questions about ways in which you can support the seminary with your prayers or finances or would like to be notified about specific needs as they arise, please feel free to contact us.