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7 Reasons to Support Bible Seminary Bonn


Bible Seminary Bonn (BSB) is placed in the heart of Europe, the former capital of Germany. Today the United Nations have one of their main campuses here, as well as the German Telekom and DHL. BSB is surrounded by significant and influential universities such as the University of Cologne (50,000 students) and the University of Bonn (30,000 students). We want to use our strategic place to reach and influence the next generation of leaders with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


With the help of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, TX, we are providing our 400+ students with excellent academic training, sound theology, and a constant focus on God´s inerrant Word. Our professors are passionate followers of Jesus Christ and invest their very best gifts to place useful ministry tools in the hands of our students.


We know that knowledge is a pillar that needs to be balanced with praxis in order for effective ministry to take place. Our students are encouraged to start innovative ministries in their churches, mission organizations, and communities. Many students are involved in regular evangelism and discipleship ministries.


In the time of deep spiritual and ethical changes, we know that the opportune time is short and limited. That’s why we are pressing forward to share the good news of Christ wherever we have the chance to do so. We encourage, teach, and help our churches to be more strategic in their outreach and Christian witness in Germany and beyond.


From the beginnings of our school 25 years ago, we wanted to widen our horizons for the people God has called for his service. We are excited that a conservative Russian-German Seminary has become an increasingly international school that has a positive influence on many ethnic communities all over Germany. We truly want to see the world the way our Heavenly Father sees it. That´s why we love to collaborate with international and like-minded churches and ministers in the Gospel.


The atmosphere among the professors, students and ministry leaders is shaped by the fact that all of us are brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to stand together, celebrate together, and work together for the sake of Lord Jesus. This is part of our DNA – a true work of the Holy Spirit!


The motto for our campus (Haus Wittgenstein) has been “From this place we will change the world for Christ!” for over 24 years.  God´s word is indeed powerfully working in our German churches. Often, we see alumni of BSB preaching and teaching the word of God as the inerrant word of God. This fills us with joy as we continue to shape the next generations of students at our school.


Gerhard Schmidt, Dr. Heinrich Derksen, Dr. Friedhelm Jung (Leadership team of Bible Seminary Bonn)

Bibelseminar Bonn Leitung
Twenty Years of Bible Seminary Bonn
Glimpses from the History of a Young Seminary
Bibelseminar Bonn Seminar
Bibelseminar Bonn Lobpreis
Bibelseminar Bonn Seminar

Our vision is to prepare people for their spiritual ministry at the pulse of time.

Bibelseminar Bonn Seminar
Bibelseminar Bonn Dozent

Then he said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15)


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